Inspection Service

  1. Petroleum inspection:Inspection of volume, inspection of quantity, products of petroleum: petrol, diesel, FO … etc .; The octane index, cetane index, vapor pressure Reid, paraffin content, olefin content, copper corrosion, oxygen content … according to QCVN 1: 2015 / BKHCN.
  2. Inspection of coal: Inspection of coal quantity and quality according to national standards (TCVN8910: 2015)
  3. Inspection of wood chips: Determine the volume of wood chips, dried wood (moisture content 0%), determine the percentage (by weight) of each type of chip size and impurities, compared with the purchase contract.
  4. Inspection of manufactured goods:
  • Inspection of input materials before production: Quantity, volume, quality …. compared to ordering requirements.
  • Complete product inspection: Determine the suitability of the finished product with the product agreed upon in the purchase contract (status, quantity, quality, type, specification, packaging, etc.). before shipping to the market.
  1. Inspection of Commercial and Maritime: Draft Survey; Supervising loading, unloading and transportation of goods; Inspection of quantity, quality, specification, condition of goods, packing ….
  2. Inspection of water quality: According to Vietnam standard TCVN 5002: 2003, TCVN 5945: 2010, TCVN 7382: 2004 and inspection “Sludge from water treatment”.
  3. Inspection of loss: Considering and concluding on the cause and extent of loss of the subject of insurance upon the occurrence of the insured event so that the insurer pays the insurance for the beneficiary of the insurance.
  4. Other forms of inspection and services: are customized according to the characteristics of the goods.


Mr  Đỗ Ngọc Quế  (Inspection Specialist)



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